Immigrating to the United States

Immigrating to the United States2019-02-14T16:37:29+00:00

If you have a relative in the United States, he or she may be able to petition for your Green Card.

Family-Based Green Cards:

U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (or Green Card holders) may petition for certain relatives. The length of the processing and wait time depends on the status of the Petitioner (U.S. Citizen or Green Card holder) and their relationship to the person for whom they are petitioning, or the Beneficiary.

Family-Based Green Card Categories:

Immediate Relatives
Immediate Relatives are the spouses, parents and children under 21 of U.S. Citizens. They are “immediately” eligible for a green card or lawful permanent residence.

First Preference
Unmarried Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens

Second Preference
Spouses and Children and Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents (Green Card holders)

Third Preference
Married Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens

Fourth Preference
Brothers and Sisters of U.S. Citizens

Unless you are an Immediate Relative of a U.S. Citizen, your wait for an Immigrant Visa or Green Card depends upon when the Petitioner filed for you and your country of origin.

The below table is an example a Visa Bulletin, a monthly notice from the Department of State listing the wait times for Beneficiaries in each category.

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